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Taxi Talk, Voice of the Taxi Industry - issue #575, celebrated our 50th year anniversary!  

What an achievement - what a milestone - 50 years!

Taxi Talk, Voice of the Taxi Industry is the essential companion for the taxi owner,

 operator and driver in Victoria, Australia.

The first issue of Taxi Talk hit the depots on the first day of May 1966.  The first magazine to serve the whole taxi industry in Victoria. 

It really does not seem that long ago that we proudly watched our first edition roll off the press.  Perhaps the time has flown because they have been such eventful years.  50 years ago Taxi Talk was a small, pocket size magazine, 8" x 5".   

Today it is a B5 colour magazine produced monthly (excluding January) with contributions from all sectors of the Victorian taxi and associated industries and is written for all members, government and interested people, of the happenings in the Victorian taxi-cab industry.  It is for the Taxi Driver, Taxi Operators, Taxi Owners, Industry Suppliers and Service Trade Providers to keep abreast of the Victorian Taxi Industry's news.

Past VTA President, Allen Lang says “The beginnings were small, however the aims and objectives were set - to get the facts and disseminate them effectively to the widest audience with provision for furores.   Taxi Talk, so aptly named, has achieved its aims and continues to grow and be the premier taxi magazine in circulation.  I have seen our convenient little soft cover magazine produced from Q.C. briefcases and bureaucrats’ briefcases, at public hearings.  I have seen it referenced to by Accountants, on Premier desks, in all its glory wrapped around handbrakes, under dashboards, in back pockets, front pockets and all importantly, being read.”

Over the past 50 years there have been many and varied changes within the Victorian taxi industry, legislation implementation, livery, uniforms, depots and Taxi Talk has been there all the way reporting on all that has been happening.

During this time we have had a lot of growing pains, headaches and frustrations.  We have made a few mistakes and had a few successes too. 

We even scooped a big daily paper with our series, “The Streets of Melbourne”.  But in spite, and because of it all, Taxi Talk is a big success and we are very proud of it.

The decision to publish Taxi Talk as a medium for dissemination for taxi news constituted a progressive move by the publishers for the Victorian taxi operators and drivers.  This is an intriguing and complex industry.  Taxis are a key part of the public transport mix in the State of Victoria.

As former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett AC says “the industry is an army of communicators. If they are treated well and are confident of their environment they stand as a wonderful asset for their community.  Disgruntled, they can be an unsettling burr under the saddle of governments and community. The challenge is finding the path to security and enjoyment.  Taxi Talk can be the rallying vehicle for building that confidence within the industry.  As always, united the industry is strong, divided weak.”


1966 - 1971  independent publication

1971 - 2002  Official journal of the VTA

2002 - 2005  independent publication

2005 - 2015  Official journal of the VTA

2015 - April 2017  independent publication

May 2017 - brand name change to DRIVE A2B